Press & Reviews

“… This outfit have a young, fresh take on the blues; with 50s rockabilly and rock and roll influences thrown in to the pot for good measure. Lots of promise and big potential from a welcome addition to the national blues scene”
  • Simon Redley – Blues Matters! Magazine
“…above all this is a group effort, with no grandstanding, no egos getting in the way, just good songs well played and well worth a listen”
  • Norman Darwen – Blues in Britain magazine
"I played this track (Temper Temper) on a previous show a Jensen's Dimensions exclusive,Since we played it, I notice radio is slowly picking up on this band - with most DJs choosing this same track from the five songs on the record.Good choice - a promising young band we will keep an eye on. Full Fat”
  • David “Kid” Jensen
“…raw, and it is honest. Attitude, power and energy from a band showing lots of promise and much potential. A most welcome addition to the UK blues scene.”
  • GFI Promotions
“"Doctor Longhair' is like having ELVIS reincarnated, and is just a joy of a track." "If you have never heard of these guys before, they are definitely worth checking out." 4/5 Stars
  • Two Finger Media
"In the songs Le Funk, Come Break My Heart, Doctor Longhair, Brand New (Again) and Temper Temper, Full Fat lay down the musical calorie count and it is as bursting with goodness and packed with highlights as it alludes too, yet never once straying into the path of reckless abandoned crowded weight; this is an E.P. that sees the light and praises the dark from which it came." 4/5 stars
  • Liverpool Sound and Vision
"Full Fat arrived on stage as something of an unknown quantity to us, but left as old friends. They offered an energetic, engaging set full of diverse influences from blues, rock 'n' roll and even, dare I say it, a touch of country. The crowd were at most lively of the evening and were fully-engrossed in what was happening on-stage. Their playing was tight and even their jokes were funny. We'd book them again for sure"
  • Stevie Kearney - Citizen Mule Promotions
You got a tiger in yo' tank, m'boy. A gypsy woman in your pocket and a little John the Conquer Root.
  • Dr. Kenny McAlpine