Punchy, Smooth and bursting with soul, Full Fat have been called “Scotland’s best kept secret” and are one of Scotland’s finest emerging blues-soul trios. With a spectacular crowd pleasing show and catchy, soulful and seductive songwriting, it’s hard to deny that Full Fat are an excellent vein of fresh music in the UK scene. The sheer joy they experience from playing is infectious, and their showmanship is second to none. If you are lucky enough to find yourself at the front of the stage at a Full Fat show, you’ll know you’re just as much a part of the show and the music as they are.
Pre-pandemic the band were going from strength to strength. After their European “In the Dark” tour promoting their latest EP of the same name, they sold-out a tent at the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival, secured a headline gig at the Glasgow O2 and this then paved the way for their first London gig which would have capped their 2020 Winter/ Spring tour. This tour however was cut short like so many others due to Covid19. Instead of finishing the Winter Spring tour, Full Fat used Lockdown to host and perform in a series of online gigs in aid of the NHS called “The Lock-In” featuring a multitude of musical talent including Tom and the Brassholes, and Dave Arcari. 
Full Fat’s discography consists of 1 studio album, 1 studio EP and 1 live album, all available wherever you listen to your music. In 2021 they jumped back into the music scene with both feet, releasing their singles “Lipstick” and “Maybe Breakup” which quickly became their most listened to tracks. 
The band came back swinging to the live scene in 2022 with a slot at the Great British Rock and blues festival and a successful UK tour including new cities (Newcastle) and a slot at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival. They have succeeded in getting back to what they do best; playing superb live music and captivating audiences at excellent venues across the country.
Whether you’re listening to Full Fat at home or seeing them take to the stage, their infections message of passion and compassion is always clear. Their writing and songs have a particular focus on mental health and the individual, telling stories that need to be told. Sometimes encouraging bringing people together, sometimes trying to understand and accept a feeling and sometimes by helping the listener see things from another point of view. If their music can make you think even a little differently, then they have achieved their goal.