Whether you’re listening to Full Fat or seeing them take to the stage, their message of passion and compassion is always clear. Their writing focuses on communication and connection, sharing thought provoking stories and philosophies about mental health, community and the responsibility of the individual. The band is well known for its energetic, captivating and crowd-pleasing show, and this coupled with their soulful and seductive songwriting make Full Fat an excellent vein of fresh music in the scene.
Having cut their teeth in their hometown of Aberdeen and since moved south to the capital, Full Fat has steadily built a dedicated following in the North East, the central belt and beyond. In an effort to bring his burgeoning clutch of songs to the stage, the Full Fat band was formed by frontman Fraser McKain, who’s songwriting and lyrical flare is the glue that holds the beating heart of the band together.The bands music has gained them fans across the world and their musical exploits have taken them all over the country and the continent, having toured Scotland, England and Germany.
Full Fat have supported artists such as Gerry McAvoy (Rory Gallagher) and Tom and the Brassholes and have played at multiple high-profile festivals including Bellardum Tartan Heart, Edinburgh Jazz and Blues festival and The Great British Rock and Blues Festival, all to resounding acclaim. Over their more than ten years together, the band have gained a wealth of experience and hard-earned talent that make them a force to be reckoned with on any stage.
Punchy, Smooth and bursting with soul, Full Fat have been called “Scotland’s best kept secret” and are one of the countries finest emerging trios. Both the bands members and music have evolved and matured over the course of their existence, drawing from a rich tapestry of musical styles that exist in Scotland and its grass roots music scene.Initially very blues and roots driven, the bands catalogue has since seen more funk, rock, soul and indy added to the mix, with a healthy dose of down and dirty guitar riffage sprinkled in. Their genre and style is best described as hard to define but impossible to ignore.
Full Fat and their music truly come alive on stage, pushing the emotional range of their audience by utilising their multi genre music catalogue and style. From electrifying audiences into singing and dancing to spreading a warm hug around everyone in the room, they are able to lead their audience on a musical journey they are certain to remember.
The band have a talent for storytelling and meaningful communication through music and they take great pride in their playing and songwriting, knowing is a powerful way to speak, cut straight to the heart of an idea or feeling and hold its roots bare for all to see. 
They consider it a privilege to be able to step on stage and share not only their stories and experiences, but those they have listened to and learned from others they are fortunate enough to know. Empathy and understanding of other people is at the core of the Full Fat band and what they see as their responsibility to help combat the division and loneliness that we live with in this world.
The sheer electric joy they experience from playing is infectious, and their showmanship is second to none. If you do find yourself in the audience at a Full Fat gig, you’ll know you’re just as much a part of the story as they are.